Friday, June 1, 2012

New To Blogging? Watch This Video!

If you are not sure what a blog is or how it works, the video called Blogs in Plain English will help. This video explains why blogs are such a "big deal." To view the video, just click on the large arrow in the midddle of the video window below.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Whole-House Surge Protection


It's important to protect all your electronic devices, not just computers, from surges. Printers, televisions, appliances and computer peripherals all require protection. However, it can be inconvenient to use individual surge protectors on all devices that need protection. One solution is to install a whole-house surge protector as shown in this photo. The device is installed by an electrician and is attached to your circuit breaker panel. Whole-house surge protectors function like other surge protection devices, but they protect all electrical devices in the house at once. The typical cost of $200 to $300 (installed) is generally less than buying individual surge protectors for every electrical device in your home.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Paper Books Are A Thing Of The Past

As they say, history is set in stone. Well, more on paper to be precise. Books have been our primary means to recording historical events, be it a revolution that shook the pillars of antiquity, or just bringing to life a fantasy in an author’s head. Books are the key milestone in our evolution. So, naturally, as we evolve, so does our books. In our new high-tech society paper books are no longer versatile enough to serve us. Disadvantages such as needing a bed lamp to read at night, or the wear and tear of the pages after but a few reads make paperbacks more a nuisance than a pleasure. So therefore, we upgrade. Now, we have e-book readers. Portable devices that can plug directly to your computer, allow you to download thousands of books and store them all in the same place. They come with backlit displays for night reading, and a reflection-free screen for day reading. They can also hold your place in the chapter and flip to a particular page within a second. Many e-book readers such as the Amazon Kindle are even capable of keeping your books saved in storage on the internet, so no matter what happens; you will never lose your books. As an ironic twist in fate, it seems books today have now become history themselves.

Monday, May 14, 2012

No Maps, Just TomTom

It's vacation week. You and a couple of friends decided to take a relaxing road trip to take your mind off of the everyday work environment. You’re heading down the interstate and realize you missed your exit several miles back. In a state of panic your friends fumble around with a crinkled old map trying to find out where the next exit will lead to and how you can get back on the interstate going the opposite direction. You hesitantly pull off on the next exit, cut on your hazard lights and waste the next 30 minutes to an hour trying to decide what route would be the best to take. Your leisurely vacation suddenly became very hectic. This is where TomTom comes in. TomTom is a GPS navigation system that will show you exactly what road you are currently on, the untraveled roads ahead of you and should you get off track, will instantly redirect it's directions to show you exactly what routes to take to get you back on your route. And if you are one to take detours, TomTom can even display surrounding restaurants, rest areas, attractions and more! So why not ditch the map? Try a TomTom. Enjoy your road time to the fullest!

Smartphones - Modern Day Toys

In the past, generally, when we think of toys we would imagine a little boy pushing a bright red truck on the living room floor or a little girl rocking her baby doll to sleep. In this new generation however, playtime isn't so simple. Now, when we are asked to visualize children playing, we think of a boy in front of the TV gripping a game controller or a girl lounged on the couch with a fancy cell phone in hand. Toys nowadays take on a whole new meaning. One of the most addictive tech toys available on the market today of course is the smartphone. To those unaware of what a smartphone is, it's a mobile phone with more advanced computing ability and connectivity than a feature phone. These handy little gadgets can be portable media players, compact digital cameras, pocket video cameras, and GPS navigation units all in one device. Not to mention the ability to play various sorts of games to hinder the nagging boredom. Who wouldn't want to get their hands on this versatile delight?

Microsoft Tell-All Service Site

The new Microsoft Office Product Tell All service site is now in motion. Come join the thousands of other Microsoft users just like yourself in discussions on Microsoft products and service. Share stories on the upsides and downsides of the use of Microsoft software. Does it help you maintain your daily tasks? Do you have any suggestions that you feel could improve the software? Your input greatly contributes to the construction of the current and future Microsoft programs. Join us and tell all on how Microsoft has made your life better at

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Microsoft Office 2007 - Expansion Pack

Recently Microsoft unveiled a generous offer of the software package Microsoft Office 2007 for Students at a an extremely low price of $59.95. And now to add even more flavor to the dish, the new Microsoft Office 2007 Expansion Pack is currently available! Add even more content to your PC with the new modern-day, must have features! Are you a user of Facebook? Or perhaps a devout ebay seller? The new tools included in the Microsoft 2007 Expansion Pack make it easy for you to customize your workspace to suit all your daily needs! This incredible offer stands at just a mere $29.99! This package is only available as an addition to the Microsoft Office 2007 for Students software. Don't miss out on this rare event!